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Experimental Study of Steering Brake Squeal Based on Vehicle Road Test


Xuegui Yu
Shanghai Automotive Brake Systems Co., Ltd. China

Ming Song, Wei Li, Jiaxong Huang

Bo Kuang
Continental Brake Systems (Shanghai) Co Ltd China


Brake squeal has high frequency and high intensity which may greatly affect the driving comfort, and it has long been a major concern for the mechanical engineering. A mature test method for brake squeal has been established in existing research in straight line travel. However, the method cannot solve the problem of brake squeal in steering condition recently discovered by enterprises. This deteriorates driving experience in the urban traffic environment which would bring economic losses to the enterprises. In this paper, the road test method is used to reproduce the steering brake squeal. The noise signal and the component acceleration signals are collected in the test, and the acoustic vibration characteristics of the steering brake squeal are analysed. The squeal frequency is 2344Hz and is consistent with component vibration frequency. In addition, the six-component forces of front wheels, the steering wheel angle, the brake pressure are measured, and the occurrence condition of the steering brake squeal is determined as the low brake pressure, the steering wheel turning right 5/4 laps, and the wheel speed between 20-0r/ min. At the same time, the differences of the six-component forces of the wheel under different steering angles and brake pressures are compared. It is found that the change of the lateral force, roll and returning moment caused by the steering may be the cause of the steering brake squeal. This paper lays the foundation for further research on steering brake squeal.

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