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Frequently asked questions

What documents are available for downloading in PDF format?

Technical papers from a wide range of automotive conferences, meetings and journals published by FISITA member societies and other respected institutions and publishers. Papers from all FISITA World Automotive Congresses (from 1998 onwards) are available.

Can I share PDF files I purchase from FISITA with my colleagues, or print out copies for them?

No. When you download a document, you have agreed to the license which stipulates that the PDF file is for your use only on one computer. You may not distribute copies in any form, print or electronic.

Can I customise the PDF file or use portions of it in other publications?

No. All documents downloaded from FISITA are copyrighted and cannot be copied or altered, in part or in whole.

How long does it take to download a file?

Download time depends on several factors: file size (this is listed for each downloadable document), your computer, the speed of your internet connection, and internet traffic. Downloading a document may take less than a minute or significantly longer, depending on any of these factors.

Do I have to download my document immediately after I fill out the order form?

No, but we suggest that you do. You have 24 hours from the time you order the document to download the PDF file to your computer. We provide you with this window because some documents are large, especially those which contain numerous graphics, and you may wish to wait until a time of day when there is less web traffic, or when you can afford to dedicate your computer to this task.

What if I don´t have the Adobe Acrobat Reader?

You can download a free copy here.

How can I qualify for the discounted FISITA Member Price for downloads and other items?

If you are a member of FISITA through a Member Society, Affiliate Member, Strategic Partner or Corporate Member, then you automatically qualify for the reduced FISITA Members Price for the bookstore and free open access to Technical Papers. Your contact at one of the above membership categories can provide you with a discount code which you then enter at the checkout in order to get the reduced price. If you need a discount code in a hurry, you can email quoting your full name, your membership affiliation (Member Society, Affiliate Member, Strategic Partner or Corporate Member), your membership number (if applicable) and your postal / zip code. We´ll validate your status and mail you your discount code by return.

Can I be invoiced for downloaded documents?

No. The cost of all downloaded documents must be prepaid with a credit card.

What if I run into difficulty while downloading?

In the event that your download is interrupted (for example because of a problem with your internet connection), you can re-start the download and try again. You will have access to download the paper/s you purchased for up to 24 hours after the time of your payment. If you encounter problems while trying to download, email or call +44 (0) 1279 883470.