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The FISITA Member Forum Smart Cities, Smart Mobility Output Paper Q4 2020

This Output Paper presents the highlights of the Groupe Renault-hosted FISITA Member Forum on smart cities and smart mobility 

Defining a smart city requires consideration of different concepts for the city, including space, city planning, and the needs and expectations of its citizens. 

Smart mobility generally involves the use of technology to enable transport that is faster, cleaner, and more efficient than existing solutions, sometimes using new and shared micromobility offerings such as electric scooters and bicycles, with app-based payment.  

At the heart of both smart concepts lies a combination of factors which, if carefully coordinated, will increase energy efficiency, minimise consumption, waste and overall cost, reduce congestion and travel time, cut emissions and pollution, and benefit commercial stakeholders and the wider community. 

About this FISITA Output Paper 

In the first session of the recently created “FISITA Member Forum,” an invitational group of experts gathered via FISITA and the leadership of Groupe Renault to commence a dialog exploring the very current and relevant topic of “Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.” This paper is the outcome of that initial engagement, acting as a record of the thoughts and opinions in a moment in time and delivering further collaborative thought leadership in this area in support of onward cooperation for the FISITA membership community. 

Download now for exclusive insight 

Download this FISITA Output Paper for instant access to exclusive FISITA member insight into the opportunities and challenges presented by smart cities and smart mobility. 

Please note: This FISITA Output Paper is available free to FISITA members. For more information about FISITA membership, please contact Kelly Williams. 

Table of Contents 

  • Foreword (Remi Bastien, Vice President for Automotive Prospective, Groupe Renault) 

  • Smart Cities, Smart Mobility 

  • Challenges and Opportunities 

  • Case study 1: Rethinking Mobility for More Liveable Urban Spaces (EIT Urban Mobility) 

  • Case study 2: How to Reinvent City Transportation, Paris-style (New Deal) 

  • Case study 3: Mobility as a Service (MaaS) (ERTICO) 

  • Closing Thoughts/Call to Action 

  • Contributors/Acknowledgements 



This FISITA Output Paper includes contributions and insight from: 

  • Groupe Renault – Remi Bastien, Vice President for Automotive Prospective 

  • EIT Urban Mobility – Dr. Florinda Boschetti, Head of City Club, Knowledge and Innovation Community 

  • EIT Urban Mobility – Edwin Heesakkers, Managing Director, Innovation Hub West 

  • ERTICO – Dr. Angelos J. Amditis, Chairman 

  • FISITA – Chris Mason, Chief Executive 

  • Groupe Renault – Laurent Taupin, Autonomous Driving Chief Engineer 

  • VINCI Autoroutes – André Broto, Strategy Director 


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