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FISITA Transactions 2006

The FISITA Transactions 2006 is a special selection of the most outstanding technical papers from the 2006 FISITA World Automotive Congress.

Each of the papers contained in this special volume has been selected for its scientific excellence and long-term reference value to automotive engineering by the FISITA 2006 Scientific & Technical Committee.

102 papers were chosen from more than 400 papers presented at the event.

A panel of expert reviewers from leading technical universities, companies and research institutes then set about the task of carefully reviewing each paper again, and working with the authors to suggest further development and clarification of their original manuscripts.

The papers in this volume have been enhanced as a result of post-congress revisions by the authors, taking into account discussion at the congress and subsequent comments from our expert reviewers. Many papers also feature additional Questions and Answers between author and reviewers - adding further depth and clarity to the original work presented.

The FISITA Transactions are quite simply the "best of the best" papers presented at the famous FISITA World Automotive Congress and each one makes a substantial contribution to the advancement of the global state-of-the-art in automotive technology.

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