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Database of Reviewers

What is the FISITA Database of Reviewers?

FISITA delivers a sequence of highly successful, global events, and the Database of Reviewers is the list of specialised reviewers that we are expanding as part of the on-going development of these events. The database holds the details of those reviewers that have met our criteria and lists the areas of their expertise. A reviewer can be listed in more than one category.

What are the requirements for the Database of Reviewers?

To become a FISITA Technical Paper Reviewer you need to have published papers on automotive/mobility topics in recognised and established automotive/mobility conferences, for example, EuroBrake; FISITA Congress, etc. and/or peer-reviewed journals.

You will also need the following:

  • Objectivity and impartiality
  • Skill and expertise in the technology area of the papers
  • Willingness to be part of a peer review team or team leader

As a FISITA reviewer, this means that you considered as an expert in your field. You will receive recognition in FISITA publications and on the FISITA websites, and you can include FISITA reviewer experience on your CV/resume.

Reviewing for FISITA provides a way for you to create your identity as a well-known expert in your field. This may lead to an increased invitation to speak at conferences or demand for invited research in your specialised area, and you will have access to the latest research before everyone else and this give you a position of leadership within your research community.

What is my Commitment as a Reviewer?

You will be asked to review a minimum of 2-3 technical papers in your area/s of expertise.

You will need to be able to do the following:

  • Meet the review deadlines
  • Assess the clarity of the content
  • Provide constructive, quality feedback
  • Make recommendations on acceptance or rejection
  • Submit scores per the FISITA technical paper review criteria
  • Make appropriate recommendations for Executive Track submission

How do I Become a FISITA Technical Reviewer?

Please forward by email a brief CV/Resume (maximum 2-pages), which focuses on your research experience, to Philippa Morrell, Industry Relations Manager at FISITA at Links to your profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn, your University and Google Scholar are also acceptable.