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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

FISITA is committed to supporting engineers to create solutions regardless of background. In addition to developing the FISITA Engineers Guide to Professional Conduct, we are committed in our support of Women in Engineering and Corporate and Society Member activities that promote equality, diversity, and inclusion. We also offer opportunity programmes to students all over the world.

FISITA Engineers' Guide to Professional ConductEngineers’ Guide to Professional Conduct Open letter on equality, diversity and inclusion from FISITA CEO Chris Mason
Open letter from FISITA CEO

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“Engineers thrive based on their capability and potential”

Professional engineers will create and contribute to sustaining equality within the workplace and colleague relationships. All engineers should expect to be able to operate in fair and opportune environment, based on their capability and potential.

All engineers should expect to operate free of harassment and any form of discrimination, including, but not exclusive to race, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, age and religion.

Engineers should be aware of, and adhere to local laws and their own
professional behaviour, recognising the inherent value of every person and group.

The above is extracted from the current draft of the FISITA Engineers’ Guide to Professional Conduct. In a rapidly advancing technological environment, engineers are placed under increasing expectation to deliver progressive advancement, and scrutiny to do so in a professional and ethically responsible way. This Guide has been produced to support the international FISITA community of engineers and help them demonstrate their intent to deliver against this internationally held aspiration.

The Guide is currently going through a consultative process that will result in the final version being released towards the end of 2020. Please read the introductory open letter from FISITA CEO Chris Mason to learn more.

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