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ITS / Telematics

  • Connexis Next generation telematics service provider working in partnership with global OEMs and tier one automotive suppliers.
  • e Safety Support Joint industry-public sector initiative driven by the European Commission and co-chaired by ERTICO, ITS Europe and ACEA, which aims to promote the development, deployment, and use of Intelligent Integrated Safety Systems to enhance road safety throughout Europe.
  • ERTICO Multi-sector, public/private partnership pursuing the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services.
  • ITS America Non-profit organisation that coordinates the development and deployment of ITS in the United States.
  • ITS Australia Non-profit organisation representing a broad spectrum of members including industry, government, consumer organisations, and academia - fostering the development of ITS in Australia.
  • ITS China Chinese national ITS body.
  • ITS International News portal dedicated to Intelligent Transportation Systems.
  • ITS Japan Promotes research, development and deployment of intelligent transportation systems and strategies in Japan.
  • ITS UK UK-based not-for-profit public/private sector association for the promotion of Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Navteq Supplier of digital maps and map content that power navigation and location-based services solutions including automotive navigation systems.
  • PREDIT French national programme for research and innovation in terrestrial transport