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United States: ISTVS
Affiliate Member

International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems

Dr. Hiroshi Nakashima
General Secretary:
Massimo Martelli

The International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems (ISTVS) was founded in 1962 at the request of the General Assembly of the First International Conference on the Mechanics of Soil-Vehicle Systems held in Turin, Italy. The motivation behind this was to acquire and advance knowledge of the mechanics of terrain-vehicle systems and machinery interacting with soils in all environments.

ISTVS is an educational, non-profit, non-political, organization incorporated in the State of North Carolina, USA.

The mission of the ISTVS is to advance the knowledge in terrain-vehicle systems for improvements in engineering practice and for innovation; in the terrain-vehicle domain, to promote the transfer of advanced knowledge to the user for the benefit of society at large in environmental protection, energy conservation, and sustainable development.

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