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New Technology Clusters

The FISITA Industry Committee consisting of senior representatives of Corporate Members including Toyota, Renault and DENSO have identified key Technology areas in which knowledge sharing and discussion can help identify and potentially accelerate the adoption of new solutions by the mainstream automotive industry.

Companies joining the discussions now have the opportunity to influence the scope and target outputs for the groups. All companies are invited to contact us if you are interested in participating in the discussions in the following areas, but the Corporate Members are particularly interested in hearing from start-up and new companies with leading-edge solutions that could benefit the market over the next ten years.


The first FISITA New Technology Cluster meetings began as Coronavirus began spreading around the world in the first quarter of 2020. Original plans to have meetings at FISITA PLUS were postponed as the event went virtual. The status of each in July 2020 is described below.

FISITA Battery New Technology Cluster FISITA Autonomous Hardware & Software New Technology Cluster FISITA Insurance New Technology Cluster FISITA Energy Infrastructure New Technology Cluster FISITA Connectivity & 5G New Technology Cluster
FISITA Mapping New Technology Cluster FISITA Integration with Cities New Technology Cluster FISITA Other New Technology Clusters FISITA Model-Based Development New Technology Cluster FISITA Braking & Friction Technology Working Group

Battery New Technology Cluster

The Battery New Technology Cluster is discussing output targets in the areas of simulation, life-cycle management and information sharing, and ensuring battery safety. Following an initial meeting led by Everledger Business Development Director for the Metals & Minerals Ecosystem Lauren Roman with support from FISITA Industry Committee North America Representative Pat Bassett, Vice President, DENSO North American Research and Engineering Center. Please contact if you are interested in finding out more about this group and joining a future call. The immediate challenge being addressed is enabling global collaboration effectively between Asia, Europe and the Americas and this is where FISITA and its Corporate Members are looking to help by bridging multiple calls held at times convenient for all.

Autonomous Hardware and Software

Autonomous Hardware & SoftwareThe title of this cluster is very broad and encompasses elements being discussed by other groups. A meeting is currently being arranged for a number of existing FISITA Corporate members and several potential New Technology Members to identify the key areas to be addressed and begin the discussions around possible deliverables. The first meeting will identify organisations with key solutions and robust views of the problems to be addressed. These organisations will then be asked to create short "seed" videos to explain their view and the barriers that they identify as needing to be removed to accelerate progress. The videos will be shared with the FISITA global community to bring more experts to the conversation. Please contact if you are interested in finding out more about this group.

Insurance New Technology Cluster

Insurance New Technology ClusterAs autonomous vehicles of varying levels and the potential instances of remote control begin to appear on the world’s road, accidents will continue to happen, but the responsibility may not solely rest on a human driver. New mobility as a solution (MaaS) and shared mobility solutions and new ownership models for key components like batteries raise a whole host of new challenges for insurance, warranty and repair solutions, and in the event of an accident and during repair or recycling of a vehicle and its component parts. There is also a wealth of new monitoring systems and information available, but there are also privacy and discrimination concerns and potential trade-offs between premiums and information sharing – with issues around this emerging in multiple countries with drivers of different ages, sexes and more. This group has started with discussions in Japanese, but the members are looking to expand the discussion globally and looking for interest from other regions to identify common challenges and solutions.

Energy Infrastructure Cluster

Energy Infrastructure New Technology ClusterThere are many different challenges in establishing the energy infrastructure to support the mass migration to electric vehicles. Five Japanese companies have come together to begin discussing this topic in Japanese with a focus on hydrogen production, distribution and storage; fuel cell systems and applications; and the benefits of hydrogen utilisation in daily life. They are planning to meet quarterly, sharing their discussion in Japanese and English with a view to inviting interested parties from all over the world to participate as the discussion develops.

Other FISITA New Technology Clusters

Other New Technology ClustersDiscussions have also begun to identify key topics and target outputs in the areas of Model-based Development, Connectivity and 5G, Mapping, Integration with Cities, Road Infrastructure, Security and Risk, and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Braking & Friction Working Group

Braking & Friction Technology Working GroupIn addition to the New Technology Clusters developing under FISITA’s Industry Committee, FISITA is inviting companies participating in the EuroBrake event to form a Working Group to discuss new solutions in the Braking industry. As the focus on emissions extends beyond the tailpipe, wearing parts and new braking solutions are critical as the industry strives to improve mobility efficiency and reduce emissions and other environmental impact. More information about this group will appear in August 2020, but please contact if you are interested in any aspect of friction-based and friction-free braking solutions and new material developments that reduce wear and particulate pollution.

FISITA New Technology Cluster Output

FISITA committees, working groups, clusters and other teams formed from members with support from FISITA determine their own mission, goals and output targets.

Each of the FISITA events has a group of members steering and curating the event content with FISITA providing the logistics and implementation support. For members of the New Technology Clusters, the major FISITA events provide opportunities to learn from, present their knowledge and solutions to, and network with the full range of FISITA Society and Corporate members, Strategic Partners and Affiliates from industry and academia. FISITA also hosts regular Online Conferences and these can be arranged to bring together technologists and cover the latest topics with a shorter lead-time. For more information about FISITA events, please visit the Events section of this website.

Recent Online Conferences have included Automotive Human-Machine Interface and Intelligent Vehicle Dynamics and Controls, and the most recent major FISITA events are FISITA PLUS in July and some elements of the annual EuroBrake event to begin in August, both of these events have had their physical events cancelled due to coronavirus and so content will now be made available online.

Peer-reviewed event Technical Programmes, Summit Output Papers, Key Topic Briefing Papers, White Papers, and Online Conference summaries result in the publication of a huge range of material published each year. Blogs and summaries of the output are available for free to all via FISITA Spotlight, but the majority of the Technical Programme papers and other formal papers are only available for free (or at discounted rates) to FISITA members, with non-members needing to pay for access via the FISITA Store or register for a FISITA event to gain access to the event’s papers.

FISITA Membership

FISITA offers membership to Corporations and Automotive Engineering Societies around the world. Engineers belonging to the Corporate and Society members gain access to FISITA output and discounts off event registration fees. Representatives of the members have opportunities to participate in the FISITA New Technology Clusters and committees. There are two levels of Corporate Membership – Full and New Technology Membership. The New Technology Membership provides a lower cost route into full membership for companies founded in the last ten years. More information about FISITA Membership is available here.

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