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FISITA World Mobility Summit 2018
Vehicle Connectivity

With a refreshed title, the ‘FISITA World Mobility Summit’ returned in 2018. With a renewed focus and intent for this important, global technical leadership event and through creation of the FISITA World Mobility Summit, we acknowledged the incredible evolution our industry is progressing.

For the first time, FISITA’s technical leadership event was located in China, where visionary experts discussed developments, issues and opportunities generated from the 2018 theme, ‘Vehicle Connectivity’.

As we witness and contribute to the rapid advance of vehicle technology, we welcomed the world’s leading mobility systems engineers to Shanghai, to collaborate and share expertise in the pre-competitive environment of FISITA – this will conclude with the publication of the Summit Briefing Paper, an important technical resource for our community.

Key topics for this year’s agenda included:

  • Policies and Strategies
  • Communications and Applications
  • Applications and Infrastructure