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Event Agenda

The FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China 2020 will take place during the China SAE Congress & Exhibition (SAECCE), 29 October 2020 in Shanghai.

For those who cannot travel to China, you will be able to watch each presentation online from 30 October via this website. We will invite you to post questions to the speakers from this date and will run online 'Ask the speakers' panel sessions on 26 November.  


Thursday 29 October 2020

08:40 CST

Opening Session

Moderator: Mike Ma, Professor of Jilin University, Vice President of FISITA


 09:10 CST





Technical Session One 'Strategy, Technology Roadmap, Technology Trend'

Moderator: Prof. Mike Ma, Professor of Jilin University, Vice President of FISITA


  • 'China SOTIF: Challenges, Technical Route and Industrial' Prof. Jun Li, Professor, Tsinghua Universtiy

  • ‘An overview of the key ideas and practical application of safety standard 4600 for autonomous vehicles’ Philip Koopman, CTO, Edge Case Research
  • 'Functional Safety and Cyber Security Enable the Intelligent Mobility' Sijie ZuVice President and Chief Engineer, SAIC Motor

 10:10 CST  Coffee Break

 10:30 CST

Technical Session One cont...

  • 'The Future of Intelligent Safety' Jochen Feese, Accident Research, Concepts, Child Safety, Sensor Functions & EE Systems Integral Safety, Mercedes-Benz AG
  • 'Safe Artificial Intelligence for Automated Driving' Prof. Hong Cheng, Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  • 'The positive risk balance' Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Kompass, VP Vehicle Safety, BMW Group

 11:30 CST

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Mike MaProfessor of Jilin University, Vice President of FISITA

Co-moderator: Hong Wang, Associate Research Professor, Tsinghua University

 12:30 CST


 13:30 CST

Technical Session Two 'Algorithm & Electronics/Electrical Architecture and Control'

Moderator: Xinjie Zhang, Jilin University

Co-Moderator: Shiliang Shang, FuSa Manager, PATAC

  • 'Cognitive Autonomous Driving during Strongly-Interacted Scenarios' Prof. Dongpu Cao, Professor, University of Waterloo

  • 'Ground Vehicle Driving Safety Enhancements via Personalized Learning, Prediction, Assistance, and Automation' Prof. Junmin Wang, Professor, University of Texas at Austin
  • 'Research and Design of the Controllability Metrics of Autonomous Driving Motion Control' Shiliang Shang, FuSa Manager, PATAC
  • 'E/E Architecture Development Trend and Domain Controller Industrialized Solution', Jiaxi Lui, Senior Manager, UAES
  • 'Safe electronics breakthrough for Cars' Luc Bourgois, Expert Leader Systems Control, Groupe Renault 

 15:10 CST

Q & A Session

 15:20 CST

Coffee Break

 15:55 CST

Technical Session Three 'Safety Analysis, Test and Evaluation'

Moderator: Shiliang ShangFuSa Manager, PATAC

Co-Moderator: Xinjie ZhangJilin University

  • 'Safety Analysis, Test and Evaluation from Driver’s Perspective when Regarding HMI Design' Ms. Fang Chen, Chief Consultant of HMI design, Intelligent Connect Vehicle Development Institute, China FAW Group

  • 'Validation Method Based on Corner Case Identification Using Artificial Intelligence' Sajin Gopi, Application Engineer / Optimization Solution, AVL List GmbH  

  • 'Discussion on the integration of intelligent connected vehicles into the existing road traffic system' Wenhui Zhou, Director of Vehicle Safety Division, Road Transportation Safety Research Center, Ministry of Public Security of the PRC
  • 'How to improve user acceptance of automated driving: an approach based on leading edge driving simulator' Alexandre Català Garcia, Business Unit Director,  IDIADA China
  • 'Balance between Safety and Innovation' Jinsuo Ma, Director of Sales Department, Ansys
17:20 CST Q & A Session
17:45 CST Wrap up and summary

Thursday 26 November

09:00 GMT - 'Ask the speakers' panel discussion - online (timing and registration link TBC)

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