FISITA 2020/1 Student Opportunities Programme

The 38th FISITA World Congress was scheduled to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from 14 to 18 September 2020, and will now be held in 2021. This will provide the perfect opportunity for students and young engineers to learn, exchange knowledge and network with international colleagues as well as experts and leaders from industry and academia.

Czech Automotive Society has designed a number of activities for students and young engineers at FISITA 2020/1 – these start before and lead into the Congress as well as take place throughout the event. Initiatives will include Student Papers, Travelling Fellowship Programme, Educating the Mobility Engineers of Tomorrow (EMET) Panel and the opportunity to showcase mobility engineering projects from university teams within the Islands of Excellence competition. For the first time, Virtual Islands of Excellence will be presented during the Congress, giving engineering students from around the world the unique opportunity to present and discuss their research projects remotely to a global audience.

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The EuroBrake Student Opportunities Programme (ESOP) 2020 is now closed - details about ESOP 2021 will be shared at the end of the year.

The EuroBrake Student Opportunities Programme (ESOP) offers students from around the world the chance to attend (virtually) EuroBrake 2020.

Selected students will be offered the opportunity to attend (virtually) EuroBrake via a sponsorship package which offers a strong networking opportunities, a CV check/one to one career advice with HR representatives from the sponsor companies, access to the designated Student Lounge and much more.

FISITA is passionate about supporting students and industry through a wealth of worldwide initiatives and opportunities. We organise international events such as EuroBrake and the World Automotive Congress to connecting students, industry and academia.

In addition, we facilitate networking opportunities at these events through competitions such as the EuroBrake Student Opportunities Programme (ESOP), Student Congress, Travelling Fellowship and the Islands of Excellence. Watch the videos below, featuring students who participated recently in ESOP.

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         Olga Merzliakova talks to Chris Mason, FISITA CEO, about opportunities within the braking industry and the support FISITA can provide.  

Heman Khajuria talks about his experience at EuroBrake 2017 and his career aspirations. 

Our Academic Advisory Board is made up of education experts from around the world to collaborate with industry executives to ensure students are ‘work-ready’ and educated in a way that meets industry needs. We are committed to supporting engineering students entering the industry with relevant business skills and ensure automotive mobility organisations share information about their workforce requirements.

Take a look at our Automotive Diary over on, which is full of international events that may be useful to attend.

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These are just some of the events around the world coming up - if you know of any more please get in touch and we'll add them to the list.

An engineering degree, in any capacity, can open up a number of career possibilities around the world, which can include working in production, research and development, braking technology or emissions. You may discover during your studies that electrical engineering takes your interest and you pursue a career in this area of automotive.

You could also consider going into academia or becoming an engineering educator - you could share your passion and knowledge for engineering with others and support them on their journey, or perhaps your passion lies in Formula 1 and the adrenaline buzz that surrounds it. Whatever engineering path you choose, enjoy the journey and keep striving to be the engineer of tomorrow.

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FISITA has a range of initiatives and events for students and aspiring engineers right through to industry executives who have been in the profession for years. Get involved with our Discussion Forum, apply for the Travel Bursary or submit your abstract for the Student Congress at FISITA 2020 World Congress, taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, between 14-18 September 2020.  

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