The FISITA International Engineering Community is an exclusive international community for all mobility systems engineers. It's a fantastic network to connect with others in the industry, be it with fellow students or those leading some of the largest automotive mobility companies in the world.

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Our CEO Chris Mason introduces FIEC in the video below:

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FISITA Support for Students

FISITA has a range of initiatives and events for students and aspiring engineers right through to industry executives who have been in the profession for years. Get involved with our Discussion Forum, apply for the Travel Bursary or submit your abstract for the Student Congress at FISITA 2020 World Congress, taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, between 14-18 September 2020.  

Through FIEC, FISITA will open up opportunities for students and young engineers to progress and have access to people and information that they may not otherwise have had access to. Sign up now!

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FISITA represents over 210,000 engineers from 37 different countries around the world.

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