FISITA supports the professional development of engineers, through its membership link with automotive engineering societies and corporate organisations. 

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Some of the latest developments include the creation of our Academic Advisory Board (AAB) - specifically formed to support and develop strategic relations between the automotive industry and academia on an international basis. Five leading universities around the world have entered into a long term collaboration with FISITA and its members in order to strengthen the automotive engineering link with academia. Academics from universities in the UK, Germany, China, Australia and the U.S. will regularly engage with FISITA and its members to collaborate and share their expertise and develop mutually beneficial development plans.



FISITA is also establishing an exclusive Industry Committee that will comprise of Corporate Members. Now in its twentieth year, FISITA Corporate Members are a select group of industry leaders from the world’s top automakers, suppliers and technology providers. The work of the Industry Committee will drive collaboration among FISITA’s Corporate Members and support the global automotive industry in its transition to the mobility sector.

AT FISITA 2016 in Korea, there was a progressive discussion during an Automotive Engineering Education Forum. To accompany this special education session FISITA produced a paperto highlight the key discussion points. Download the Automotive Engineering Education Forum paper here.

FISITA Support for Students

FISITA has a range of initiatives and events for students and aspiring engineers right through to industry executives who have been in the profession for years. Get involved with our Discussion Forum, apply for the Travel Bursary or submit your abstract for the Student Congress at FISITA 2020 World Congress, taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, between 14-18 September 2020.  

Through FIEC, FISITA will open up opportunities for students and young engineers to progress and have access to people and information that they may not otherwise have had access to. Sign up now!