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Testing Facilities / Proving Grounds

  • Your Future In Automotive Education advice and Career Guidance for young people and student engineers interested in pursuing a career in automotive: interviews, university guides, student journal databases, jobs & internships and much more!
  • Applus+ IDIADA - Institute for Applied Automotive Research Engineering, testing and homologation centre for the automotive and transportation industry.
  • ARC - Automotive Research Center Developers of transient simulation models for multi-cylinder heavy duty diesel engines.
  • Millbrook Proving Ground Test and validation centre for the automotive and transportation industries.
  • MIRA - Motor Industry Research Institute Provides product engineering, testing, research and information services to any type of industry.
  • SGS – AUTOMOTIVE Independent global technical service company providing testing services, homologation, quality management systems auditing, training, certification and inspection services for the complete global automotive supply chain.
  • TNO Road Vehicle Research Institute Independent organisation that provides services to the automobile industry, the government and other organisations with reference to safety, energy consumption, the environment and transport efficiency.
  • Toyota Motorsport GmbH An independent subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, specialising in high-performance automotive testing, including several engine dynamometers, extensive single-component and full-car testing facilitied, two modern wind tunnels and a driving simulator.
  • Transport Research Laboratory Private, independent organisation that provides research, consultancy, advice and testing to all aspects of transportation.
  • Transportation Research Center, Inc. Independent organisation that provides research, development, and testing services and facilities to manufacturers, industry organizations and government agencies.
  • TÜV Automotive Technical service company active in the industry, product and transport sectors. Its range of services encompasses consultancy, inspections, tests and expert opinions as well as certification and training.
  • USCAR - United States Council for Automotive Research Umbrella organization of DaimlerChrysler, Ford and General Motors, which was formed to further strengthen the technology base of the domestic auto industry through cooperative research.