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Society Benefits

Automotive Engineering Societies have been at the heart of FISITA since the beginning and they are still at the forefront of everything we do. One key advantage is that engineers who are members of their national society get free or discounted access to everything FISITA does and the ability to connect with other engineers around the world through FISITA's activities and community. More about the benefits for individual members of Societies can be found here. Below describes the engagement opportunities and benefits for the Societies.

The Society Member Forum

Held every six months, the Forum is an open discussion platform with Society Members of FISITA for member-to-member information exchange and collaboration defining:

  • What is the ‘common ground’ shared between all?
  • Are there examples of innovative development that is changing the model and/or approach?
  • What are the key challenges for Societies and their members?
  • Where are the key opportunities?

Special activities for studentsOuput from the last Forum in January 2020 can be found here: Special activities for students.

The next Forum will be held at the end of June 2020 and invitations are now being sent out. If you belong to a National Society and you have topics that you would like to see discussed, please get in touch at the email at the bottom of this page.

Advice & Support Service

FISITA's Society Advice & Support service is for Societies who are members to learn and knowledge share with each other in a supportive environment. This service includes:

  • Catalogue of case studies giving best practice advice on a number of topics
  • Webinar platform for member-to-member demonstrations, sharing and discussion, including our Educational Webinars
  • The Database of Experts is also available for you to use, should you wish to search for a speaker for an event that your society is hosting
  • Link to the Membership Information Pack (Desirable but this needs to be updated)
  • FISITA Society Members respond to Covid-19

FISITA World Congress & other FISITA Events

Every two years, the FISITA Society community gathers for a technical conference hosted by a national society. This was due to happen this year in Prague, hosted by the Czech Republic Automotive Society (CAS), but due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year's physical event has been postponed to 2021, but there will be some virtual activities towards the end of this year. The cycle for these events has also been put back a year so the event following Prague will be hosted in Barcelona in 2023.

In addition to Congress, FISITA holds a number of other events to encourage knowledge sharing and networking in the mobility industry:

Members of Societies get discounted and sometime complimentary access to FISITA events and are invited to respond to the call for papers for each event or raise topics for potential panel discussions or other types of presentation. Members of Societies also get discounts on exhibition, sponsorship and advertising opportunities with FISITA, and free access to event Output Papers and Technical Proceedings. Often the annual membership of the national Automotive Engineering Society is less than the cost of access to a single FISITA Technical Programme so joining a Society is a low-cost way to access FISITA content.

FISITA also hosts an International Events Diary in which Societies can share events, training programmes and relevant activities to be promoyted the the entire FISITA community.

FISITA International Engineers Certificate

The FISITA community is establishing and coordinating an international certificate and register, which will allow FISITA Society Members to establish their own national register of engineers and provide them the opportunity of global recognition via the FISITA International Engineers Certificate, and individual status within the International FISITA Register. More information of the international Engineers Certificate and how your society can get involved can be found here.

Partner Opportunities

Does your Society have an initiative or programme that you would like to partner with FISITA or other members of the FISITA community on? Arranging activities with partners is one of the cores of our business and we have experience of arranging many types of exhibitions, conferences, technical publications, competitions and many more - virtually and physically. Please contact FISITA to see how we might be able to work together.