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Luděk Hynčík, FISITA Education Committee VP & Ceská Automobilova Spolecnost (CAS - Czech Automotive Society) VP

We live in a rapidly changing world. New products and advanced technologies on the market that people did not even dream about at the end of the last century, make our lives better. Mobility as the driving force for the development is also changing from the traditional approaches to automated service.

As mobility is increasing, the ‘mobility of knowledge’ is increasing too and the sustainable development needs highly experienced people. FISITA, as the leader in the field of networking in the mobility sector, supports not only companies and engineers to gain up-to-date knowledge and share good practices but attracts students and draws them into the development in the field of mobility.

This section brings together the input from fifteen Society and Affiliate Members, representing each region around the world. Thanks to all those who provided feedback:



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