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Netherlands: KIVI


Ir. M.D. Stamm
Dr. Saskia Monsma

The Royal Institution of Engineers, KIVI, is the single Netherlands Society of Engineers educated at Universities of Science (WO) and at Universities of Higher Professional Education (HBO).

Thus KIVI forms a high-level network of technical knowledge and engineers.

The general objective is to promote the interest of engineers as a professional group and to promote technology in general, including the support of engineers during their career.

The Automotive Division (AD) acts as the society of automotive engineers in The Netherlands. Its objective is to promote vehicle technology, both in road and rail applications. KIVI also contributes to re-enforcing the automotive network in the Netherlands.

To support this, the Division organises events at which members and other interested people can learn about the developments in vehicle technology in a broad sense and where exchange of information and discussion takes place. Examples are the KIVI RAI Symposium, company visits, evening lectures etc.

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