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Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu connected car and mobility IoT solutions

The automotive industry will face many challenges on the road to CASE – Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric – including; managing opportunity and risk, maintaining growth in a competitive market, and ensuring data security. At Fujitsu, we combine innovative connected and autonomous vehicle technology with world-leading IT services, infrastructure and integration skills to deliver end-to-end solutions that overcome these challenges.

Fujitsu Connected

Our Over the Air Updates (OTA) technology provides the capability to update the engine components of a modern car over the air without needing to bring the car into a specialized garage to apply changes. It enables remote updates to target engine controlling components. When required, components ‘flash’ themselves when presented with the right software package. Required updates are supplied in a secure manner, applied in a way that ensures the update will not compromise the functionality of the vehicle and its components.

Fujitsu Autonomous

Autonomous driving has several challenges: engineering, regulatory, lack of industry standardized technology and tools, consumer trust, and acceptance. However, the biggest challenge will be the data volumes required for both training AI systems and for real-time decision making once these systems are deployed. By 2030 automotive big data, which will consist mainly of video data, is expected to exceed 60,000 petabytes. Our solution decreases data volumes and manages it in a distributed fashion - only the relevant data is collected. With video data optimization images are compressed and filtered.

Fujitsu Shared & Service

In the field of mobility, the car sharing trend is growing and the key differentiator will be the ability to provide a seamless journey and great travel experience. We deliver solutions to connects all elements together. Our On-Demand Transportation Services and FIDO verification will match the travelers with the most suitable vehicle and drivers.

Fujitsu Electric

The shift to electric cars is progressing in major countries. However, there are various challenges to overcome such as unclear battery usage, remaining travelable distance, efficient traveling route, and location of battery stations. Fujitsu has the technologies needed to provide battery information and create a power consumption map.

Kazuo Miyata
Senior Fellow

Apr. 1977    Joined Fujitsu Limited

Apr. 1997 Director, Systems Business Division Ⅰ, Systems Engineering Group

Oct. 2001    General Manager, Systems Integration Business DivisionⅡ, Systems Integration Group

Jun. 2003    Group President, Telecom and Utility Solutions Group

Jun. 2004    Corporate Vice President

Executive Vice President, Telecom, Utility & Media Industries Business Group

Jun. 2008    Corporate Vice President

Executive Vice President, Financial Solutions Business Group

(In charge of local financial institution, farming, forestry & fishery systems)

May. 2011    Advisor, Fujitsu Advanced Solutions Limited

Jun. 2011     President, Fujitsu Advanced Solutions Limited

(Fujitsu Mission Critical Systems Limited from 2013)

Apr. 2015     President, Fujitsu Systems West Limited

(Nov. 2016 Absorption type merged into Fujitsu Limited)

Nov. 2016     Corporate Executive Officer, Fujitsu Limited

SVP, Head of West Japan Business Group, Global Services Integration Business

Jan. 2017     Corporate Executive Officer

EVP, Head of Digital Front Business Group, Global Services Integration Business

SVP, Head of West Japan Business Group

Oct. 2017     Corporate Executive Officer

EVP, Head of Digital Transformation Business Group, Global Services Integration Business

SVP, Head of Digital Transformation Business Unit

Apr.2018      Senior Fellow, Digital Transformation Business Group, Global Services Integration Business

Feb.2019      Senior Fellow, Enterprise Business Group, Technology Solutions Business

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