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BYD Automotive Industry Company Ltd.

Founded in February 1995, BYD started from the manufacture of secondary rechargeable batteries. In January 2003, it entered the automotive industry and laid out the new energy industry. In October 2016, it entered the rail transit industry.

In the automotive field, BYD is the only car company in the world that has mastered the battery, electric motor, electronic control, charging infrastructure and vehicle technology. The products cover seven general areas - private cars, taxis, city buses, road passenger transport. , urban commodity logistics, urban building flows, sanitation vehicles, and four special areas - warehousing, ports, airports, mines.

In the field of new energy, in addition to new energy vehicles, BYD has also launched a variety of new energy products such as solar power stations, energy storage power stations, electric forklifts and LED and other new energy products, which can provide a complete set of new energy solutions from power generation to storage to electricity. Program. BYD is also the world's first new energy company awarded the UN Energy Special Award by the United Nations.

In the field of rail transportation, BYD released a straddle-type monorail product, the cloud track, in October 2016. The cloud track is a transportation solution that BYD has spent 5 years and cost 5 billion to solve the urban congestion problem.The cloud track belongs to the medium and small volume rail transit products. It has many characteristics such as high safety, good economy, strong practicability, short construction period and beautiful design. It is widely praised and favored by the market.

Just like its own name – build your dream, BYD's mission is to use technology innovation to satisfy people's yearning for a better life.

Mr Lian Yubo
Senior VP

Mr Lian Yubo

Mr. Lian Yubo, born in 1964, is a Chinese professorate senior engineer with Master Degree who has no abode right in foreign countries. In July, 1986, graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, majored in aircraft manufacturing engineering and achieved bachelor degree. In Sept.2000, he obtained senior business management professional master degree in Nanjing University.  He used to participate the design in China Automotive Research Center and was deputy chief engineer of Yizheng Automobile, SAIC; then worked as deputy general manager of Shanghai Tongji Tongjie Automobile Design Company and joined BYD Company Limited in Feb., 2004. Now he is the senior vice president of the company and director of BYD charity foundation Committee. Meantime, he is also Board member of Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co. Ltd.

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