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AISIN Seiki Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment, Aisin Group has adhered to the corporate principle of “Quality First,” and has sought to offer appealing products that meet the customers’ needs. As the automotive industry has developed, the Group has expanded its business and today enjoys a reputation as a comprehensive auto parts manufacturer operating on the global stage.

Aisin Group is also carrying out various business activities in the areas of lifestyle and energy fields, offering a range of products that enrich the lives of its customers.

Building on the diverse technologies it has amassed in these various areas, the Aisin Group is pursuing the design and development of new value-added products, while maintaining a rigorous focus on offering high-quality products backed by reliability evaluations and proven production methods. The Group strives to achieve harmony with society and nature by engaging in activities that contribute to society and to environmental conservation.

Research and Development

Aisin Seiki's development initiatives in the automotive field include safety technology to prevent accidents before they happen; environmental technology to boost fuel efficiency and serve the needs of electric and hybrid vehicles; and comfort-oriented technologies for a more pleasant ride. Beyond the automotive field, we are engaged in scientific research on the environment as well as cutting-edge technological research on Artificial intelligence, lasers, etc. Through these far-reaching development initiatives and our capacity to offer not only parts, but systems integrating hardware and software, we are in an ideal position to respond swiftly to increasingly sophisticated and diverse automotive needs.

Reliability Evaluations

In 1970, Aisin Seiki became one of the world's first automotive parts manufacturers to construct its own comprehensive proving ground equipped with test tracks. With state-of-the-art facilities and test courses recreating road conditions of all types, we have continued demonstrating and heightening performance and durability. We have performed tests from every conceivable angle, adopting the viewpoints of users, and promptly incorporated the evaluation results back into product development.

As demand for product reliability grows, Aisin Seiki is there every step of the way.

Aisin Seiki is pursuing continuous innovation in the development of next-generation products and effective use by the Group.

Production Engineering

To ensure consistently high product quality, Aisin Seiki has established paramount production engineering technologies and adopts a serious and sincere approach to "monozukuri" (skilled manufacturing). We ceaselessly update our innovative industrial processes and equipment to create next-generation products, and are implementing a production technology development system to ensure consistently high product quality worldwide. We are also stepping up efforts to cultivate globally oriented human resources with proficiency in skilled manufacturing techniques.


AISIN Group promotes development of environmentally-friendly and people-friendly products, reduction of CO2 emission from business activities, and development of manufacturing technologies that produce fewer waste materials. We are also actively protecting nature and the environment by promoting team members’ volunteer spirit and participation in activities, and we are actively engaged in social contribution activities as a member of the local community. Furthermore, in order to create a comfortable working environment, we are pursuing a variety of work-life balance initiatives, such as balancing work with childcare and nursing care obligations. These initiatives now extend to Group companies around the world.  

It will continue to contribute to the creation of a better automotive society and a higher standard of living, aiming to become a vibrant company that possesses true competitiveness and proposes new value.

Kiyotaka Ise

Kiyotaka Ise graduated from Kyoto University with a master’s degree in precision engineering in March 1980. He joined Toyota motor corporation in April 1980 and was a chief engineer in 2002, and was a managing officer in 2007, President of Lexus International in 2012 and a member of the board of directors in 2012. After that He became an Executive Vice President in AISIN SEIKI CO., LTD in January 2018, and a President in June 2018.

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