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Date: Tuesday, 24 November
Time: 10:00 - 12:00 CET (UTC +1)

10:00 Ondřej Vaculín: Opening
  Jan Macek: Welcome

Key-note Lectures
Chair: Jan Macek (bio)

10:10 Ivan Hodáč (bio): The Automotive Industry: What next?        
10:25 Christoph Gümbel (bio): Speed Matters in Vehicle Development and the specific 
role of CAE
10:40 Dino Flore (bio):  The transformational impact autonomous driving will have on cars and the transportation system
10:55 Dirk Lappe (bio): Digital transformation in the automotive industry
11:10 Martin Hrdlička (bio): Mobility and Powertrains in context
11:25 Discussion, answers to questions
11:40 Jan Macek: Conclusion
11:50 Ondřej Vaculín: Closing & Invitation to the FISITA World Congress 2021