Keynote Session

Date: Tuesday, 24 November
Time: 10:00 - 12:00 CET (UTC +1)

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The FISITA Web Congress 2020 is hosting a free-to-attend online keynote session on 24 November. This session features speakers from Future Matters, Porsche Engineering, Qualcomm, the Aspen Institute and Škoda Auto.

Registration for Keynote Session

The programme is open to anyone free of charge upon registration. The live Keynote session will be held using Webex. Register here (opens in a new tab/window):

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Programme of Keynote Session

10:00 Ondřej Vaculín: Opening
  Jan Macek: Welcome

Key-note Lectures
Chair: Jan Macek (bio)

10:10 Ivan Hodáč (bio): The Automotive Industry: What next?        
10:25 Christoph Gümbel (bio): Speed Matters in Vehicle Development and the specific 
role of CAE
10:40 Dino Flore (bio):  The transformational impact autonomous driving will have on cars and the transportation system
10:55 Dirk Lappe (bio): Digital transformation in the automotive industry
11:10 Martin Hrdlička (bio): Mobility and Powertrains in context
11:25 Discussion, answers to questions
11:40 Jan Macek: Conclusion
11:50 Ondřej Vaculín: Closing & Invitation to the FISITA World Congress 2021