Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch the live stream - Keynote Session?

You can register via our website
Please click on REGISTER FOR LIVE STREAM - KEYNOTE SESSION or HERE, and then click on the button called „Register“ and fill out our personal data form.
After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the Keynote Session.
The on-line streaming is free of charge.

I have not received a confirmation e-mail after registering. How shall I proceed?

You will receive your registration confirmation from an e-mail address
If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail, please check your inbox including your spam box. In case that you did not find the confirmation e-mail even in the spam box, please contact our organizational team at

How can I watch the Keynote session from my PC?

To watch all you need is to open the session in your web browser. However, we strongly recommend you to install a Cisco Webex Meeting application (please download it HERE) and as well as have a fixed/cable connection. If you have problems with the installation, please contact our IT Department at

From your mobile

Should you prefer watching on your mobile phone directly, you will be kindly asked to download a mobile application. For Android devices, please download it HERE and for Apple devices, please find the link HERE.

I can not find the link to the platform which I was supposed to receive.

Check your email inbox carefully in all folders and also in your spam box. If you do not find any e-mail from in any of these boxes, please contact the organizational team at

What kind of internet connection do I need for Keynote Session streaming?

Recommended speed for streaming is 5 Mb/s and more. Please be informed that you can connect from any browser and device. That means you can watch the online streaming from your pc, laptop or even your mobile device.

How can I activate Keynote Session streaming?

The Keynote session will start automatically on the day of the event. To access the streaming, please open the link you have previously received and connect to the application via Cisco Webex Meeting.

May I interrupt streaming and come back later on?

While watching the streaming you can leave the session at any time and then reconnect. However, please be aware that the streaming will continue and you will not be able to go back when you connect again (as you will return to live broadcast).

Is there a chance to see lectures later on after the meeting?

All registered participants are entitled to watch recorded lectures as well. Please notice that only the lectures where the authors agreed to their publication will be recorded. The recordings will be available in the coming days on Keynote Session link or Programme link.

My video has bad quality

Streaming quality depends on your internet connection. The slower is your internet speed the worse is the quality of the video and vice versa. We recommend an Internet connection with a speed of at least 5 Mb/s.

May I ask questions connected with lectures? And how?

Your questions are very appreciated. On the right side of your screen you may find the button called Participants and Q&A. Please click on „Q&A“ and write your question. Please forward your question to all the panelists. Should you send your question to the particular speaker, your questions may not be answered or may be overlooked.
The questions will be answered at the end of the lecture.

I am an author of a technical paper accepted for the FISITA Web Congress 2020 and I have paid the fee for publishing a paper. How can I access the database of papers accepted for the FISITA Web Congress 2020?

The accepted papers will be published on the FISITA website
You will receive a password from the FISITA secretariat.

I am interested in technical papers accepted for the FISITA Web Congress 2020 and I am NOT an author of an accepted technical paper. How can I access the database of papers?

Papers will be available for purchase on the FISITA website

Will a recording of the Keyonte Session be available?

Yes. The Keynote session will be recorded and the recording will be available on the FISITA website