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FISITA World Mobility Summit 2019
Ecosystems of New Mobility

The 10th FISITA World Mobility Summit, took place in Nagoya, Japan for the first time.

Our technical leadership Summit brought together executives from industry, government and research to discuss key ideas, issues and opportunities generated from the 2019 theme, “Ecosystems of New Mobility”.

With the new era of mobility upon us, we are witnessing industries that traditionally existed within their own market space entering the automotive landscape and hence the boundaries of those markets are blurring as we collectively collaborate and operate within the ‘new mobility ecosystem’.

The FISITA World Mobility Summit 2019 hosted the key players of those ecosystems to consider and discuss this challenging subject, with a focus on the following critical questions:

  • What has changed and what is the new paradigm of the emerging ecosystem?
  • What are the new challenges and opportunities created by this change?
  • How can the new ecosystem stakeholders work together?
  • Can new standards and regulations alone create an efficient industry and benefit the consumer?