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2015 World Automotive Summit
Personal Mobility and the Impact on our Auto Industry

Summit Opening

Prof. Frank Piller, RWTH Aachen
Technology and Innovation

Joe Greenwell, Automotive Investment Organisation
UKTI Automotive Investment Organisation The car re-invented?

Needs and Concepts

Dr. Young-Jun Moon, The Korea Transport Institute (KOTI)
Transport Needs in Asia

Dr. Tim Wallington, Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Company
History, Geometry and Fututre of the Automobile: Factoids and Facts around Mobility

Radical Innovation

Robert Henrich, moovel GmbH
Market approaches to new mobility solutions: Daimler's moovel & Car2Go Concepts

Information Management

Friedhelm Pickhard, ETAS
Data Security & Privacy in a Connected World

Dr. Irene Feige, Institute for Mobility Research (IFMO)
The Customer in a Rapidly Changing Mobility World: Increased Choice or Constraint?


Juergen Daunis, Ericsson
Standards for V2X communication and implications for OEMs & ITS

Michael Hurwitz, UK Department for Transport
Regulation for Connected & Automated Vehicles

Workshop 1: Needs and Concepts

Dr. Rolf Nicodemus, Robert Bosch GmbH
Shaping the mobility of tomorrow – tackling parking challenges today

Workshop 2: Radical Innovation

Dr. Kai Ni, Baidu Institute of Deep Learning (IDL)
Developing an Autonomous Car for Cities: Case Study from China

Andrew Everett, Transport Systems Catapult
The Traveller as part of the equation

Workshop 3: Information Management

Dan Ricci, IBM Corporation
IBM Big Data & Analy/cs

Prof. Roy Isbell, The University of Warwick
Accessing & Influencing Automotive Cyber Physical Engineered Systems

Workshop 4: Standardization

Prof. Ian Jennions, Integrated Vehicle Health Management Centre
IVHM – Proven in Aerospace, new ideas for Automotive

Dr. Simon Fürst, BMW AG
AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform for future applications

Workshop Sessions

Workshop 1: Needs and Concept
Moderator: Dr. Young-Jun Moon (KSAE and KOTI) and Timothy Waltniel (JSAE and Toyota Motor Corporation)

Workshop 2: Radical Innovation
Moderator: Dr. Matthias Klauda (Robert Bosch GmbH) and Dr.-Ing. Karl Siebertz (VDI/Ford)

Workshop 3: Information Management
Moderator: Frank McCullough (Jaguar Land Rover) and Prof. Chris Brace (IMechE/University of Bath)

Workshop 4: Standardization
Moderator: Dr. Thomas Johnen (Adam Opel AG/GM) and Dr. Tim Wallington (SAE/Ford)

The views and opinions expressed in these presentations are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of FISITA.