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Student Opportunities Programme

FISITA PLUS is our annual conference for mobility technologists and professionals.

Taking place online every Thursday throughout July 2020, this is a unique opportunity for students with a passion for mobility engineering to learn from industry and academic experts worldwide.

Each session will include world-leading mobility-technologists delivering thought leadership in the areas of Mobility Eco-System, Future Technologies & Energy and Future Propulsion Systems.

This year's sessions are free to join although we are offering additional, unique online activities for students who apply and are selected via the FISITA PLUS 2020 Student Opportunities Programme. Submit your details via the form below.

The deadline for applications for the Student Opportunities Programme 2020 has now closed. Students are still welcome to register for all sessions as standard delegates - we look forward to seeing you. 

If you have any questions please contact Hayley Millar, Education Manager at FISITA.