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About APAC - Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference 

The Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Congress exists to advance the development of automotive engineering and the automobile industry internationally.

Held every two years, APAC provides excellent opportunities for automotive experts to present the latest product and development innovations and to exchange information in the field of mobility, connected cars and automotive technology as a global challenge for industry, users and society.

The inaugural APAC was held in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1981 under the name  International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering. It was initiated by four countries, the U.S., Indonesia, Australia, and Japan. South Korea and China joined the following year, Thailand, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka in the 1990s, India in 2004, and Iran in 2005, with a total of 11 countries now represented.

The name was changed to the Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference in 2007 to help attract new participants from the Asian region.

APAC21 Call for Nominations

The Society of Automotive Engineers - Australasia has been selected to run the 21st Asia Pacific Automotive Conference in 2022 (APAC 21).

The Conference has been initially themed “Autonomous Vehicle Technology - harmonising the future on and off-road”.

The SAE-A board is seeking nominations for the APAC21 Technical Committee from a local and international field of experts and leaders, covering both industry and academia.

The Technical Committee will be tasked with the following:

  • Provide a list of potential local speakers that are experts in the specific subject matter
  • Target well known national and international speakers
  • Determine timetable for the call for papers, review, select and notify speakers
  • Structure technical presentations – preliminary and break-out sessions
  • Provide peer review of technical papers
  • Meet every 6 weeks (this may become more regular as we get closer to the event)


If you wish to register, please complete the nomination form.

Previous Events

YearConference ThemeOrganiser
2019 The Next Revolution in the Automotive Industry SAE-Thailand
2017 Creating the Automobiles and Mobility for the Future China-SAE
2015 Meeting Regional Challenges with Global Technology SAE-Australia
2013 Innovation Technology for Next-Generation Mobility SAE-Thailand

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2011 Sustainable Technologies for safe & smart mobility SAE-India
2009 Safety, Environment and New Technology for Future Automobile SAE-Vietnam
2007 Impacts & Opportunities for the Global Automotive Industry SAE-International
2005 Harmony of Humans and Motor Vehicles SAE-Korea
2003 Motor Vehicle Toward Globalization SAE-Thailand
2001 Motor Vehicle for the 21st Century SAE-China
1999 Manufacturing - Future Mobility SAE-Australasia
1997 Motor Vehicle & Environment IATO-Indonesia
1995 Harmony & Efficiency - The Technical Challenge SAE-Japan
1993 Global Automotive Integration SAE-International
1991 Automotive Challenge in the 90’s SAE-Korea
1989 Cooperation for Automotive Prosperity SAE-China
1987 Mobility the Technical Challenge SAE-Australasia
1985 Motor Vehicle Technology - Mobility for Prosperity IATO-Indonesia
1983 Motor Vehicle Technology - Progress & Harmony SAE-Japan
1981 Motor Vehicle Technology in the 80’s Need Resources SAE-International