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17 September 2020

This page will be regularly updated and provides a summary of the latest events and activities arranged by FISITA. Visit the Spotlight page for more. These posts are also available in a regular email digest.
Latest update: 17 September 2020.

This issue is exceptional in the amount of content with about 40 posts since the last update at the end of August. These include three from speakers at the Intelligent Safety Conference to be held next month, 20 from authors who have content in the EuroBrake 2020 virtual programme, plus student updates and more. The list is thus longer than normal and we've included the Intelligent Safety and regular member update grouped lower down so please scroll to the end! 

EuroBrake 2020 and 2021

The EuroBrake 2020 Technical Programme is available on the new website. The website also includes a new EuroBrake Braking Industry Directory listing out all the exhibitors and sponsors since 2012, with premium entries being updated by companies who would have originally exhibited at or sponsored this year's cancelled physical event. Recently updated entries include: 



We are also preparing for next year and the EuroBrake 2021 call for papers is now open. Contact if you are interested in exhibiting at next year's EuroBrake in Germany in May or if you would like to feature your company on or sponsor the new website.

Several speakers are recording videos of their presentations and ten of these have already been uploaded - we'll update more on this in the next issue. To highlight the 2020 Technical Programme, we have asked many of the authors a few questions and these are featured in the below Spotlight posts:

Intelligent Safety Conference - China

The FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference schedule is available and the event will be a part of SAE China’s Congress & Exhibition (SAECCE) to be held 20-22 October in Shanghai. We are planning to provide virtual access to the content for people who may be unable to travel. To find out more about three of the speakers and their topics, take a look at the following Spotlight posts:

Membership Updates

This section includes the normal member news, but also an update on the Local Knowledge and Best Practice activity and two Women In Engineering updates.

Student Activity Updates

With the student activities concluded for the 2020 FISITA PLUS and EuroBrake events, the focus is now shifting onto the FISITA World Mobility Summit, opportunities with FISITA Society Members and next year. here are the latest updates:

Alongside all of the current student activity, we are planning to start a series of short videos with engineering leaders from our members. They will be talking about what attracted them to engineering and what advice they have for people considering just starting an engineering career. If there are senior engineers in your organisation who would be good role models and open to do this or career development people who would be interested in supporting these programmes, we’d be very happy to work with them.

For more information or to discuss these programmes further, please contact Hayley Millar, FISITA Education Manager.

Additional Spotlights

We've posted the last few extracts from the FISITA PLUS Leadership Interview:

Other Events 
(more on these in the next issue)

The FISITA World Mobility Summit 2020 theme is Sustainable Mobility for All, the agenda is now available, and FISITA is accepting expressions of interest to attend. There will be virtual sessions on four days in November with a physical get together planned for Friday 20 November in Paris, France (assuming travel restrictions and local rules allow).

The physical FISITA World Congress has been delayed one year to 13-17 September 2021, but over 150 of the papers submitted for this year will be published in the fourth quarter. Websites for the FISITA Web Congress 2020 and FISITA World Congress 2021 are both now accessible from the FISITA World Congress link.

There are promotion opportunities associated with all of the above and speaking opportunities for some. The events above also involve members collaborating together on content and developing thought leadership. Please let us know if you or any of your colleagues would be interested in working with us on any of the above or you would like to raise your profile at any of the events.

Online Conferences

The Ways to Carbon Neutral Mobility online conference was attended by 138 people with more watching the replay. The replay is available for all to watch.

Past events have included Automotive Human-Machine Interface and Intelligent Vehicle Dynamics and Controls. These were both viewed by several hundred people and remain available for viewing if you missed them. They were followed by FISITA PLUS and EuroBrake Student Opportunity (ESOP) online sessions in July.

If you are interested in taking part in a FISITA Online Conference, please contact Philippa Morrell, FISITA Industry Relations Manager.

New Technology Clusters
(more on these in the next issue)

The formation of the New Technology Clusters is progressing and meetings for the Insurance, Battery, Integration with Cities, and Autonomous Hardware & Cities groups are happening. The industry Committee is working to bring participants into the groups and we welcome interest from other members and their partners. We are currently collecting videos of technology solutions from the prospective New Technology Members and generating market vision and requirement videos from Corporate Members, we expect to begin sharing these over the next few weeks.

Papers and Technical Content

As we announced a few weeks ago, the Ecosystems of New Mobility Output Paper from the last World Mobility Summit is now available on the FISITA Store – this is free for Corporate Members and members of national Automotive Engineering Societies. If you qualify for free access and have not received your access code, please contact Carla Soper, FISITA Membership Manager. Remember that previous papers including Vehicle Connectivity and Mobility Engineer 2030, and event technical programmes are all available in the store.

We have posted an extract, contents page and list of contributors on Spotlight and there will be more to follow over coming weeks. 


FISITA staff are working hard through this crisis from home and are available to support our members and the community. The FISITA office has been closed since the end of March. All our physical events have been affected and the latest update for each is summarised below.

We hope that you and your family and colleagues are all well. Please remember that if there is anything that FISITA can help with, we are here to help our members and we welcome you to let us know if there are people we should be working more closely with for the benefit of our members and the broader industry.

If you are interested in working with us on an Online Conference or you’d like us to publish a Spotlight post about your latest work or how you are responding to the coronavirus crisis, please contact us and we’ll happily work with you to help share your information. Alternatively, you can stay up to date by signing up to the FISITA Spotlight newsletter.