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Jan Münchhoff becomes Chairman of EuroBrake steering committee

8 July 2020

During the EuroBrake Steering Committee meeting on Wednesday 8 July, the role of Chairman of the EuroBrake Steering Committee was passed from Harald Abendroth to Jan Münchhoff. FISITA CEO Chris Mason recorded a short video to welcome Jan to the new role and let Jan introduce himself. You can watch the video here and there is a transcript below.

Chris Mason here, Chief Executive of FISITA, joining you still in isolation from my study here in the United Kingdom, with a message for you regarding the leadership of EuroBrake today.

As you know, since its inception, the Chairman of EuroBrake has been Harald Abendroth who's been instrumental in the development, the advancement, and the continued high regard with which EuroBrake is held throughout the braking industry internationally and Harald has applied his own unique determination, aspiration and vision and he's responsible for much of the success of the EuroBrake Technical Programme and support around the world today.

I have to inform you that Harald has decided that 2020 is time to bring in succession and Harald has indicated his wish to stand down as Chairman to enable a fresh vision for EuroBrake to come into play moving forward. I'd like to say at this point on behalf of us all that I'm thankful to Harald for his dedication, his determination, and strong leadership. Certainly in the time that I've known Harald, he has been a great ally, supporter and challenger to ensure that we get the best outcomes for EuroBrake and I think that that's a sentiment would be echoed by everybody that has known and knows Harald.

We extend our gratitude and acknowledge this outstanding contribution and we thank you Harald most sincerely.

Now the discussions have taken place behind the scenes with the steering committee with regard to Harald's appointment and the steering committee and advisory were unanimous in their decision of  Harald's successor and I'm delighted to have been asked to inform you all that the new EuroBrake Chairman is Audi’s Jan Münchhoff. Having known Jan for a long time, I feel that he's absolutely the right appointment at this time to succeed Harald and take EuroBrake on to its next phase of development. I know that Jan has some strong vision for where EuroBrake can move to next under his leadership.

Now without me telling you about that, why don't we take the opportunity to ask Jan to share a few words with you directly instead. So if I can ladies and gentlemen introduce to you the new EuroBrake Chairman Mr Jan Münchhoff:

Chris, thank you very much for your warm words.

I'm really delighted to take on the Chairman position now from Harald Abendroth. Now we’re at the start of planning for the EuroBrake 2021, maybe first of all some words about myself. I have been part of the braking word almost continuously since 1995. I've been active in EuroBrake organization since we started thinking about the first EuroBrake conference and I really enjoyed working on the steering committee every year. I'm currently in my daily life at Audi and chassis development is still very close to our common technical issues. My ideas and goals for EuroBrake are clear. It's very next time, after a shocking corona year 2020 for all of us, I would like to gather with the team and bring the EuroBrake conference and the EuroBrake community as soon as possible back to the success we saw over all the years until June 2019.

In the long term, some strategic assets are really important to me – looking in general at the EuroBrake concept. First of all the EuroBrake is to me the global meeting point for people from the brake industry and from all brake-related science – both for scientific and also for social networking. Secondly, looking at the content EuroBrake has to discuss early and sustainable all the future issues for vehicle braking systems and, last but not least, the EuroBrake should refresh itself every year by implementing innovative and exciting elements based on all stakeholder feedback. In this sense I would like to thank you, the steering committee, FISITA, and especially the EuroBrake community for the trust in me to lead EuroBrake as Chairman in the next years. Obviously we need your support – this is quite clear – but I wish all of you now a lot of strength and health for the next time and look forward to seeing you again at EuroBrake 2021.