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“I was delighted to present the 2016 FISITA medal to Dr. Goenka - a truly worthy winner, who has given so much time to help develop our industry. In addition to his commercial success, Dr. Goenka has provided outstanding support to students and young engineers, having helped establish the Mini - BAJA competition for undergraduate engineers.”

— Paul Mascarenas, Chairman of the Board, FISITA UK Ltd

The FISITA Medal is awarded to an individual for distinguished achievements in automotive and mobility engineering. The award is decided by the FISITA Council on the recommendation of the Medal Committee.

Examples of the categories into which such achievements may be placed include:

  • A long and successful career in the automobile industry
  • A specialist contribution to a particular sector in the automobile field
  • The leadership/direction of a defined project
  • An innovative/creative design concept
  • A high technology manufacturing system

Recent recpients

2018 Dr. Akihiko Saito FISITA 2018, Chennai
2016 Dr Pawan Goenka FISITA 2016, Busan
2014 Prof. Konghui Guo SAE China Congress, Beijing
2014 Prof. Helmut List FISITA 2014, Maastricht
2012 Prof. Franz Pischinger FISITA 2012, Beijing
2012 Prof. Dr. rer. nat Martin Winterkorn FISITA 2012, Beijing
2011 Carlos Ghosn EAEC 2011, Valencia
2011 Dr. Jack Schmidt EAEC 2011, Valencia
2010 Mr. Hiroshi Okuda FISITA Congress, Budapest